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Pathfinders is a unique deck of 83 cards that celebrates the animal kingdom. Animals have come to mean a lot in the lives of humans. We use their names everyday for things like cars and sports team mascots. Animals have become symbols we look to for powerful attributes. These Totems have the ability to enhance our lives.

This deck takes a look at several dozen animals all over the Earth, great and small, and their unique, special qualities that we can call on to further explore ourselves. Using this deck, you can find ways to enrich your daily life as well as to learn more about the animals portrayed.

This deck is comprised of the multiple talents of many artists. Each card meaning is detailed for you in the guidebook, available for download here. Limited to 1,000 un-numbered decks worldwide, this is one set of cards that is not only a beauty to look at, and a collectors item, but is also useful to you as well.

This deck has the ISBN of 978-1-933603-18-6.

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